Summer Camp Titles in the News

We’re very excited our summer camp topics for this session of DLC! Have you seen or heard yet of any of these news nuggets or pop culture tidbits?

  1. Charlize Theron’s 4-year-old son, Jackson, became a huge fan of Emily Blunt’s character on the set of new movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War…. because he thought she was Elsa from Frozen!

    Join us from July 5-8 for Frozen Fever (grades K-5) or Broadway Babies: Frozen Fever (Pre-K)!
  2. The Jungle Book is a beast at the box office and points to more Disney live-action re-makes… whether we want them or not.

    DLC goes to the Jungle from July 11-22 with The Jungle Book (grades 3-5)


  3. Minecraft creator Microsoft announces release of special "Education Edition" in June to teach kids about navigation, collaboration, social skills and creating reusable projects for their classes.

    We’re entering the squarish world of Minecraftverse with Minecraft Mayhem (grades K-2 and 3-8) from June 27-July 1.


  4. Nickelodeon’s new School of Rock sitcom reboot has been renewed for a second season!

    We’re ready to rock ‘n roll with the area premiere of School of Rock (grades 6-12) from August 1-19.


  5. Smash hit musical Hamilton wins the Pulitzer Prize for drama— the 9th musical to do so.

    Musical Theatre Bootcamp is going HIP HOP HAMILTON (grades 6-12) from July 5-8. Hone your musical theatre dance skills to this exciting contemporary music!

Join us next week for a new installment of your summer camp topics in the news and pop culture. Summer drama camps are filling up fast, so register early to get your first choice of summer camps!

Questions about which summer camp is the right one for you? Send us a message so that we can help you make the best selection for your student!

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