Quick Questions with Ms. Megan Henderson

As TYA Junior Company is about to head into tech week for the DLC premiere of Mary Poppins, we were able to sit down for a couple of minutes with TYA Junior Company director Megan Henderson to ask her some questions. See what she had to say below!

Question: Who are you and what is your role at DLC?

My name is Megan Henderson and I am the director of TYA’s Junior Company. I am also the HR Coordinator and Box Office Manager. I’m an Artistic Associate with DLC’s sister company, Red Branch Theatre Company. I started attending DLC classes around age 6, so I feel incredibly lucky to be working here in so many roles.

Question: How long have you been preparing for this production of Mary Poppins?

I’ve been preparing for this production since September! Preparations began with reading the script, listening to the music, and doing research on the books, movie, and musical. My younger sister was also obsessed with Mary Poppins around age 2 and insisted we watch the movie almost every day. She could watch it on an endless loop. So really, I’ve been preparing for this show for about twenty years. She called it "Mary Poppoo."

Question: What’s your favorite part in this show?

This is a difficult question because I love so many of the songs, and because of my sister, this whole show is near and dear to me. I think I have to say "Let’s Go Fly a Kite" since that’s the traditional ending of the movie, and holds so much nostalgia for me. The kite is also an important symbol of the show, and brings the family together. A close runner up is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious because it’s such a fun song!

Question: How many people are working behind the scenes to make this show?

So many! The production team includes about 15 people. There’s Ms. Christine, our music director, and Ms. Claire, our assistant director and stage manager. There’s also our production manager, Ms. Janine, who is also coordinating all of the props and a group of fantastic builders and painters executing the set. We also have our fabulous costume designer, Mr. Andrew Malone, and Ms. Amy on lights. That doesn’t even include everyone. Basically it takes a village to put up such a large production. We have a wonderful team.

Question: What’s your favorite thing about JCo?

I love the opportunity to see young actors grow. I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but it’s true. I get to work with a group of actors who are serious about bridging the gap between production classes and school plays and working in a professional theatre setting. In Junior Company, we work to prepare the students for Senior Company and beyond. I learn so much from watching them discover and take chances and often reflect on how grateful I am for the chance to be a part of that.
TYA Junior Company’s production of Mary Poppins runs from February 3-5. Get your tickets today!


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