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Our Path Forward – 5/13/2020

Hello valued DLC families–

As we mentioned in our last communicationwe remain hopeful that we will be able to hold summer camp in some capacity this year.  As we await final confirmation, we have been hard at work on added safety measures that we plan to implement as soon as we are allowed to reopen.

We know that many of you are anxious about what to do with your children when you are called back to work.  We know that many others may not have childcare needs, or do not feel comfortable sending your children to an enrichment activity in the near future.  We know all of this is completely overwhelming, and as a small business with a staff who cares very deeply for our customers, we share profoundly in that feeling.

 In the spirit of honesty and full disclosure, we are facing unbelievably challenging decisions about the future of our business if we cannot hold summer camp in some capacity.  Unlike many other summer camps, DLC operates year long, which means we have expenses each month.  We have not been generating our average monthly revenues since March, yet our expenses have remained nearly as high (5 figures monthly in facility expenses alone).  We are going to be making some difficult and humbling requests of you, our loyal customers, in the coming weeks.  We are going to be asking you to essentially become "investors" in DLC.  When faced with the difficult decision about what to do with your summer camp tuition, we implore you to consider keeping your money in the business.  Use that money towards one of the many enrichment options we are planning for you this summer- if not in person, virtually.  Consider holding a full credit on file to be used for a future program, for voice lessons, for corporate coaching for yourself, for a future summer that can happen as we envisioned it originally.  Consider converting that tuition payment to a donation if you are a family who has not felt the financial sting of this pandemic as others have.  As a creative business, we are working around the clock to get creative with our options for you.

I personally ask that you please be patient with me and our incredible staff as we navigate these unimaginable circumstances.  DLC has experienced tremendous growth over the last 13 and a half years, and we were poised to have our best and most exciting year yet.  It is truly devastating for all of that momentum to be erased in a matter of months.  Despite the sadness and uncertainty,  we know that there will come a time when we can gather together again, and we desperately want DLC to still be a part of that world.  

Your support means the world to us all. To those who have already reached out with support, your words have helped keep us going. The arts are as important now as ever, and we thank you in advance for your understanding.

With hopeful expectation for the future,
Stephanie Lynn Williams aka "Ms. Steph"​

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