Getting To Know Our Winter Staff #3

Over the next couple of weeks, we will introduce you to the faces you can find at DLC teaching classes this winter! Next up is Mr. Kam!

Meet Our Teaching Artist: Mr. Kam

What can students expect from your class?

In this class students can expect vocal warmups, projections for the voice, diction, relaxing the mind to get into character, and character building.


What’s your favorite winter memory & why?

My favorite winter memory is when schools had to shut down and we stayed at home and played with the snow, then later watched Christmas movies. My favorite holiday movie is "The Grinch".


What is your fondest memory of teaching/directing for DLC?

My fondest memory teaching at the DLC is when it was tech week for 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. We had wild costume issues and we still managed to pull through and it surprised the kids that it came together and worked it out.


Tell us one fun fact about yourself!

One fun fact about me is that when I'm bored I start to dance and create some dance moves for myself to stay entertained. 



Kameron is scheduled to counsel the Saturday class production of Clue, Assistant Direct the Tuesday class production of Pirates of the Amazon, and Assistant Direct the Saturday K-2 Showcase class Musical Theatre Classics. Learn more about our classes and register for one today on our Winter Session page.

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