Getting To Know Our Winter Staff #1

Over the next couple of weeks, we will introduce you to the faces you can find at DLC teaching classes this winter! Next up is Ms. Tatum!

Meet Our Teaching Artist: Ms. Tatum


What can students expect from your class?

Students can expect to dive deep into the minds, memories, and lives of their characters. My specialty as a director is flushing out details and helping students to create fully realized characters. 


What’s your favorite winter memory & why?

I love the winter! Contrary to popular opinion, it's my favorite time of the year! There is something about the crisp, cold air and the gray skies that feel cozy and comfortable to me. I think my favorite winter memory would have to be getting snowed into an Airbnb with some friends a few years ago, and we got to extend our cabin vacation by a couple days, free of charge! 


What is your fondest memory of teaching/directing for DLC?

My fondest memory of teaching at DLC was a Musical Mythology summer camp I led with Ms. Sarah during the Summer of 2020. Our group of students had such a vast knowledge of mythology, and their drive/interest in the subject led to some very productive scene creation and character work. 


 Tell us one fun fact about yourself!

One fun fact about me is that I am obsessed with the show Survivor. I even plan to one day drop everything and try my hand at competing! 



Tatum is scheduled to co-direct the Saturday class production of Clue. Learn more about our classes and register for one today on our Winter Session page.

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