Getting to Know Our Summer Staff #14

Over the next couple of weeks, we will introduce you to the faces you can find at DLC teaching camps this summer! Next up is Ms. Sarah! 

Meet Summer Camp Teaching Artist Ms. Sarah



What can campers expect from your camp?

Shrek is one of my ALL time favorite musicals, so the campers can definitely expect to become obsessed with the story and music- if I have anything to say about it! They'll have fun creating and collaborating with the directors, while also being challenged! It's no easy feat putting on a full scale production in just 3 weeks, but I know these campers will rise to the occasion.



What is your fondest memory of teaching/directing for DLC?

Ohh, over 5 years with DLC there are so many memories to choose from! I love when the kids have their "ah ha!" moments. Whether it be understanding something about their characters, finally getting that difficult dance move, or that really long line... seeing them learn and grow, nothing can top those moments. If I had to choose one specific project, I fondly remember directing "Newsies" with a cast of 12 homeschoolers all between the ages of 5 and 12. Yes, 12 kids total for such an ensemble heavy show! They worked so hard and completely rocked it-we didn't need more kids. They loved the music and dancing, but what I remember best is that they really cherished the story. You could tell they were having an amazing time performing it together.



Tell us one fun fact about yourself!

I currently hold a BFA in Acting from Western Carolina University, but this fall I'm starting a new education adventure! I'll be attending Carroll Community College as a student in their Physical Therapy Assistant program!



What’s your favorite Disney/Pixar movie and why?

My favorite Disney movie is without a doubt Mulan! I LOVED this movie as a kid! I always thought Mulan was so tough and brave and I remember wanting to be just like her. Also the songs are fantastic! I have definitely saved " I'll Make a Man Out of You" as a part of my workout/motivational playlist!



Ms. Sarah is scheduled to teach Shrek Jr, as well as co-direct the upcoming TYA show at the Chrysalis at Merriweather, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed! Learn more about these camps and register for one today on our summer camp page.

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