Getting To Know Our Summer Staff #13

Over the next couple of weeks, we will introduce you to the faces you can find at DLC teaching camps this summer! Next up is Ms. Emily! 

Meet Summer Camp Teaching Artist Ms. Emily



What can campers expect from your camp?

Campers can expect lots of fun activities and games, impromptu dance parties, and lots of theatre enrichment! 



What is your fondest memory of teaching/directing for DLC?

Definitely seeing the campers shine on stage! Whether it’s a showcase or full-blown production, I always love seeing them perform. It reminds me why I do what I do! 



Tell us one fun fact about yourself!

I play Ice Hockey! Not many people expect that from a theatre kid :) 



What’s your favorite Disney/Pixar movie and why?

Definitely Disney’s “The Lion King”! It teaches us about friendship, love and hope. The whole story is incredible! 



Ms. Emily is scheduled to teach several camps this summer, including Pop Star Power & Best of Broadway! Learn more about these camps and register for one today on our summer camp page.

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