Getting to Know Characters in Pinocchio

We’re so excited that Beginning Acting students this Fall will have the chance to perform in their own productions Disney’s My Son Pinocchio, Jr..! Get to know a little more about some of the characters in the show ahead of the start of these exciting classes for students in grades K-2.

​Gepetto is a lonely toymaker who longs to be a father.

​Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who doesn’t know where he belongs.

​The Blue Fairy is convinced of her own perfection and does not like having it called into question.

​The Fairies Rosa, Viola, & Arancia are fairies in training. They are sweet and kind.

​Stromboli is a bumbling, loud, incompetent puppeteer who has at least a few screws loose.

​Professore Buongrazzo is a passionate, mad scientist obsessed with building perfect children.

​The Ringleader runs Pleasure Island.

​Signora Giovanni is Pinocchio’s teacher.

​Bernardo & Maria are a married couple living in Idyllia looking to purchase a perfect daughter from Professore Buonragazzo.

​Talia is created for Maria and Bernardo by Professore Buonragazzo to be their perfect child.

That’s not even all. Cast members will also serve as Town parents and children, animals, roustabouts, and delinquents. There are over 30 roles in this fun musical play written with young performers in mind. There is a great place for literally everyone to shine.

Beginning Acting Classes meet on Friday nights and Saturday mornings for students grades K-2. These 6-week sessions culminate in two final performances with full production elements including professional lighting, set, and costume design. Register your early Elementary student for this exciting production-based storytelling adventure today!

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