Blog Title 5 Fun Moana Facts with Moana and Maui

5 Fast Moana Facts

Getting Ready for Spring Drama with Fast Facts About Moana

We are stoked around here to produce Disney’s Moana Jr. this Spring. As we gear up for our Spring drama classes, let’s learn a little more about this fun Disney story that will transform from screen to stage.

  1. Moana’s name means "ocean in many Polynesian languages, including Hawaiian and Maori.
  2. In one version of the story, Moana had nine older brothers that left the island. Their sister would eventually journey to rescue them.
  3. Moana’s necklace represents her ties to both land and sea while the stars represent her identity as a navigator.
  4. Moana was the second protagonist of Polynesian descent in a Disney animated feature. The first? Lilo from Lilo & Stitch.
  5. Just like all other Disney Princesses, Moana does not have a last name.

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  • Tuesday Broadway Babies

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Find more details and facts like these at the Moana Wiki on Fandom, where we found these fun pieces of Moana trivia.

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