Here are just a few things people are saying
about their experiences with DLC.

"I know I’ve said to before, but I’ll say it again – we so appreciate DLC – [our daughter] feels safe and at home with you, stretching and growing in a nurturing, healthy environment. Theater is such a tough world, and DLC is giving her the skills to step out and excel, in spite of the fear that comes with her field of choice. Thanks for being there for her!"

Barb Cooper, TYA Junior Company Parent

“I just wanted to write to say once again how amazing your staff is, and how wonderful your program has been for our daughter. We enrolled her almost a year ago because we thought it would be great for her and her shyness.

Above all...more than anything...she has become more confident in every aspect of her life. She has always been outgoing with us, but she is now more at ease with everyone, including her peers. The staff have encouraged her every step of the way and should be commended for their hard work and dedication. We cannot thank you enough!”

– Marylynn Doff, Beginning Acting Class Parent

We had a wonderful experience with DLC. I was very impressed with the quality of the show. I was amazed at how you incorporated my daughter's gymnastics ability into the show and made her feel like a superstar and she is only in Kindergarten! The kids had so much fun a rehearsals...they loved attending! You did a phenomenal job!”

– Jill Dinoto, Manor Woods Drama Parent

“I've had a great time at DLC. I've done nine plays and I've had a blast. I have made a lot of new friends. All the plays were a lot of fun and I have played some great characters. Thanks!!”

– Carolyn Becker, Tuesday Musical Theatre Student

“Thank you so much for making our daughter’s week a fabulous one! It was her first week at Drama Camp and she really enjoyed it. Thank you for caring and working so hard for all the children. We all appreciate it!”

– Ms. Gimpel, Summer Camp Parent

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