DLC Summer Stage

DLC Summer Stage provides teens and adults with a
professional-quality community theatre experience.

Below is a list of some of our past productions.
Stay tuned for information on upcoming shows.

DLC Summer Stage
August 4-13, 2011

MD Theatre Guide Review:
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


Director Jason Kimmell and The Drama Learning Center of Columbia have given Joseph the type of production it deserve.

Chad Ryan Novak performing the role of Joseph.

DLC Summer Stage

August 5-14, 2010

"The Producers"

Starring: Elizabeth Amann, Courtney Branch, Jeff Davis, Daniel Douek,
Drew Gaver, Ben Gibson, Kristina Hopkins, Jeff Lewis, Tommy Malek,
Kate McNichol, Jeff Miller, James Raymond, Heather Reis,
Brett Rohrer, Lauren Saunders, AJ Whittenberger,
and Stephanie Lynn Williams

Directed by: Robin Schwartz
Music Direction by: Patrick Klink
Stage Managed by: Danny Clemens and Melynda Burdette
Choreography by: Jason Wiggins
Designs by: Eric Moore and Dan Van Why

Please note: This show contains some adult language and themes.

DLC Summer Stage
August 1-8, 2009

Melynda Burdette • Katie Callahan • Paul Ciaravella • Kevin Cleaver • Jessica Coleman • Cameron Cox
Jeff Davis • Kenzie Delaney • Tyler Delaney • Elliot Halperin • Megan Henderson • Nan Kaestner
Jeff Lewis • Ryann Lillis • Paris McGrann • Cody McNeeley • Brady Stevens • Emily Sutter
Kyle Peter VanZandt • Alexa Welch • AJ Whittenberger • Lauren Williams

Directed by Robin Schwartz
Music Direction by Richard Blankman
Stage Managed by Danny Clemens
Choreography by Jason Wiggins
Designs by Allison Ramer and Zach Simon-Curry

DLC Summer Stage
July 31 - August 9, 2008

Kevin Cleaver • Dean Davis • Sean Hipp • Nan Kaestner • Paris McGrann • Adeline K. Sutter • Emily Sutter
Kelly Sutter • AJ Whittenberger • Lauren Williams • Stephanie Lynn Williams • Alan Wiggins

Music Direction by Richard Blankman
Stage Managed by Cody McNeeley

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